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A cookie is a small text file stored on your browser and can contain text and numbers, for instance a date. Our cookies do not contain private information and cannot contain virus. They are rather used for recognising your computer in case of repeated visits and save user information such as login, previous visits and interests of the user.

Cookies can only be loaded from the website address, from which they are saved. General cookies which are stored on the site are usually stored on the address you see in the browser address bar. A website can however also contain fragments and information obtained from other addresses than the one displayed in the browser address bar. For instance, may it be ad banners, running statistics of the user or simply the content. This allows you to save cookies from other websites through the website that you actually visit; the so called third party cookies.
Session cookies are stored only in a browser session, and are again deleted when the browser window is closed. Persistent cookies are stored in a specified period of time and are not deleted until this period expires.

How to avoid the use of cookies on the website?

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can always block them in your browser. In your settings, you can also choose to block the cookies from specific websites.

How to delete cookies?

Cookies can be deleted in your browser settings. Instruction on how to delete can be found in either the browser or on the related websites. Below you will find links to manuals for the most popular browsers:

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